What is Baby Development? 

Baby development classes are a wonderful way to encourage and progress your child's physical and mental development in the early stages of their life. Through singing, sensory play, tummy time activities, and elements of infant massage, each class works to stimulate your baby in a safe and positive environment. Along with nurturing the bond between you and your baby, baby development can do wonders for fine motor skills, body awareness, sensory development and much more! 

The Benefits of Baby Development

For Babies:

  • promotes motor skill development

  • increased sensory awareness

  • strengthening and stretching growing muscles

  • stimulates the mind

  • releases the love hormone, oxytocin, in both parent and baby

For Parents:

  • educates on positive activities parents can do at home to aid their baby's growth

  • increases understanding of baby's developmental stage

  • promotes bonding and secure attachment

  • can help a parent learn what senses are most sensitive for their baby

  • strengthens the bond between adopted and fostered children and their parents

...and so many more!

Throughout the course, you and your baby will experience a varied and fun set of activities that can aid in enhancing your baby's cognitive and physical abilities