How old does my baby have to be to come to your class?

Infant Massage - 4 weeks - 1 year

Baby Development - 3 months - 18 months

When is the best time to massage my baby?

Each baby and parent have different preferences, we encourage you to follow your baby's lead and find a time that is most suitable for you both.

We recommend that it is best to massage your baby 30 minutes after a feed. 

All Sarah's LA Infant Massage classes are baby led. If your baby needs to be fed, follow their lead!

What massage oils are best?

We recommend the use of organic edible oil. We discuss different oils in class and provide a selection of oils to use.

What if my baby cries during the class?

Crying is a means of communication and we are a baby led class. If your baby cries, or is unsettled during the class respond to your baby's needs. During the courses we will also learn more about why babies cry and the best way to respond to them. 

Why is the Infant Massage course taught over several weeks?

These classes are designed to nurture and build the bond between parent and child while gradually introducing you both to massage. Each week, different techniques and skills are taught to give you time to fully retain and practice them on your own.

Do we massage for the full class?

While massage is the main focus, you will not be massaging your baby for the whole class. Classes also include parent relaxation, theory, and parent led discussions. 

What if my baby needs feeding, diaper change or falls asleep during the class?

Classes are baby led, please follow your child's needs during the class. If your baby falls asleep during the class we encourage you to let them sleep.

What do I need to bring?

A blanket for your baby to lay on (make sure blanket is washable as massage can sometimes be "stimulating")

If you have baby head cushion please bring to class.

If you are using an oil or lotion on your baby, please bring to class.

Classic baby necessities -diapers, food etc.

This class is about you and your baby so please bring anything else that will make you and your baby comfortable!

What if my child has special needs?

We welcome and encourage Infant Massage and Baby Development for children with special needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions