Do you have a group of friends or family that would like to learn infant massage together?

Hosting a class in your home lets you choose a time and place that is tailor-made for you and your friends, and as the host, your course fee is free.

  • A hosted infant massage course consists of 3 consecutive (weekly) 90-minute classes.

  • The group is YOUR group! As the host, you choose your friends and family (min. 4 other parents with baby) that you'd like to take the class with.

  • A personal group like this allows you to have a better connection with those you're training with, as well as feel comfortable and supported.

  • Familiarity is one of the main benefits of this style of class. Often times your child and you will be more open to learning being surrounded by people you know and trust. 

  • Like with any infant massage group classes, it offers your infant the opportunity to socialize, stimulating development.

Host a Group Class

Interested in hosting?
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