Infant Massage Classes

Each infant massage course consists of multiple 60 to 90 minute classes (depending on course type). In every class, we focus on massaging different parts of the body with the educator always using a doll to demonstrate the strokes.


All classes include time for babies and parents to socialize with refreshments and guided discussions about various topics like child development, parenting, and more.

We very much welcome premature babies! However, please check with your pediatrician before booking onto a course.

Sarah's LA Infant Massage Class

Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Nannies, Carers, and expecting parents are all welcome to participate in Infant Massage. 

Parent and Child
What people are saying...

“If you're looking for the best instructor to learn infant massage from, Sarah is the one that you've been looking for. She's always connecting you to the bigger picture and how each stroke promotes a different health benefit for your baby. I always leave class feeling like I'm the one getting pampered. Could not recommend her more for this organized, gentle, fun class.

- A. Ferguson (Sept. 2018)

“Working long hours I rarely see my baby during the week but Infant massage has given me the opportunity to really bond with my wife and child. I feel so much more confident in my parenting skills and ability to be a nurturing father. It's also nice to hang out with other Dads in class!

- A. Bourgeois (Sept. 2018)

Sarah runs such an open and individualized class. I was nervous about my baby not "behaving" but this class really nurtures each parent and babies personal experience. My baby and I get an opportunity to experience our own journey in a relaxed environment  with no judgement. Through infant massage, I have learned to listen and soothe my baby and she falls fast asleep. We are eternally grateful for our new found rest!

- L. Shaw (Sept. 2018)